Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Tofu quiche and tater haters

Tonight's dinner was this tofu quiche recipe from Fat Free Vegan Kitchen: http://blog.fatfreevegan.com/2008/03/asparagus-and-mushroom-quiche-with.html
Since asparagus is not in season and broccoli is, I used broccoli. 

Speaking of broc, this is so dumb but I can't stop laughing at it: broc_obama

Linking back to the FFVK site and seeing the photos of this recipe, I am humbled by how wretched my version looks in comparison but it was still delicious. I have to confess that the name of that blog was such a turn-off for me.  Although every recipe I've made from it has been awesome, it took me quite some time to get past the "fat free" moniker.  Then again, this blog's name is a completely obscure reference to a sadly short-lived tv show, so I should probably shut my piehole. 

Sweet potato fries on the side (obvs). They are great tossed with lime juice and a little agave! 

On an unrelated note, did you guys hear about this? I hate the USDA and now they are going after my best friend, potatoes!!! 
I realize that French fries and tater tots are not health food, but maybe they could go after, say, the ground-up slaughterhouse-reject mystery meat served in school cafeterias first.  Just a thought.


  1. that is unbelievable about the potatoes. potatoes are very nutritious when they aren't fried. and they're targeting peas too? crazy.

    broc obama is awesome, ha.

  2. Lol, love the broc obama. :D

    That looks like a tasty plate of food.

    I'm with you on the USDA/potato front. Meat and dairy should be what they are minimizing, instead of actively promoting. The Dairy industry especially has their foot in the door of public schools everywhere ready to brainwash the kids that dairy is good for them. I'm sure dairy contributes to obesity, and many other health issues, much more than potatoes ever could. It's a filthy industry.

  3. What nonsense about the potatoes, as my dad would say. Two hundred twenty calories isn't going to kill anyone. Anyway, potatoes are so beloved all over the world these jealous carping carps can peep all they want; I doubt they'll make a dent in the market.

    Broc Obama...you have to admit, the US president is pretty handsome, especially when vegan-branded!

    And your omelet mess thing looks dang good to me, as do your sweet potato fries!

  4. The grub looks palatable to me. I'd shovel it in.

    I always liked the name 'Fat-Free Vegan'. I consider it a worthy goal.

    'The Wire' was on for five good years. Let's not be greedy.

  5. How I wish I was in charge of all school lunch programs. And my kids don't even go to public school. What I can't handle the most is how much food goes into the trash. Maybe they should serve more fresh fruit, rather than try to use so many canned vegetables, ew.

  6. Hey! I thought potatoes were MY best friend! And "fat-free" in front of anything pretty much turns me off, too... although I do love healthy food (& Susan's blog). BTW, broc obama makes me laugh, too!

  7. Haha, I posted that broc obama on my Facebook ;)

  8. Hey everybody! I'm glad you think Broc is funny, too, and are on my side about the potato thing.

    Sara, right?!? Esp if you leave the peel on (which I always do).

    Rose, you're right--the dairy industry is truly wretched. At first I typed "diary" industry, which was kind of a funny typo.

    Zoa, I hope you're right. I saw some info graphic about potato consumption being way down in the US. Stupid.

    Shen, I am greedy for good TV, I can't help it. My husband and I made up a show where the Wire and Friday Night Lights are combined, and Coach Eric Taylor moves to B'more, etc etc.

    Jenny, I can truthfully say that the US would be much better off if you were in charge of all school lunches!!

    JD,potatoes can be "besties" with both of us. Glad you get me about the "fat free" thing. I like a little fat :).

    Carissa, Broc for Prez!!