Friday, October 28, 2011


So after my last wretched-looking bean bucket post, I figured I should try to redeem myself a little bit with some slightly nicer-looking food.

I don't know if it's been noticeable or not, but my "reanimated" (spooky-sounding, for Halloween!) blog coincides with me trying to eat healthier.  I've been doing so since last spring, when I noticed that the dress I'd bought for a friend's upcoming wedding was alarmingly snug. Winter is hard on your ol' pal Stacy. I tend to sit inside and eat and drink, and boy could you tell by last spring.  Anyhow, I decided to basically eliminate refined carbs from my diet and cut out most processed foods, and one thing I started doing was to cook a batch of beans of up every week to have on hand for salads etc.

This is what I did with this week's bean batch, which was chickpeas.  First up, we have chickpeas in pesto, grilled raddichio, and polenta:

Next, a perennial favorite, the chickpea piccata recipe from Appetite for Reduction, served on top of caulipots and wilted arugula, just like Isa says:
Roasted Brussels sprouts on the side, just like *I* said!!

Just noticed we may get SNOW soon. Ugh. Can I maintain my new, healthier eating habits once the ice weasels are upon us? Stay tuned......I hear there'll be a witch going around with some Turkish Delight.


  1. I made mashed cauliflower the other day! It was surprisingly awesome. How was the grilled radicchoio? I'm always curious about those "heated lettuce" dishes.

  2. I'm with you, I'm not a fan of snow. With yummy meals like that, I'm sure you'll be able to stay on least on the food side, I don't know about the drinking...I'm all for a tipple when the weather is cold and snowy.

  3. I think last winter was the first time I ever experienced a little seasonal affective disorder or whateve it's called. The cold weather really got me down. Your meal looks wonderful. And stop drinking so much; that's all you need to do.

  4. Your dishes are looking good (and healthy). Jenny...stop drinking so much? What kind of advice is that? Actually, very good advice, because not only does alcohol contain empty calories, it makes you feel hungry and lowers your inhibitions about eating more than you should. However, as an alcohol-free life is relatively joyless and difficult to maintain (I do try it from time to time so I know of what I speak), may I suggest shirataki noodles, and lots of soups and stews that fill you up, keep you warm, and are relatively lo-cal. Also measuring/weighing the hi-cal things you eat, like beans and starches, and cooking *just as much as you need for one meal* helps a lot. Good luck! (And, yes, I'm doing experiments for the "gastric distress" post almost as I type).

  5. FF, I really like to cook radicchio. It's pretty sturdy so it can take a little abuse. Like me spelling it incorrectly, evidently :(.

    Rose, I know: nothing like a knock of bourbon and a hot bath on a snowy day.

    Jenny, for serious, I can QUIT ANYTIME!!!! No, seriously, I know you are right but I have to agree with Rose and Zoa that booze will remain a part of my life for the foreseeable future.

    Zoa, I know they are empty calories, but they are empty, HAPPY calories! You seem to get this, so I will say no more :). I do need to do more soups (I want to try Rose's "clam" chowder soon). Shirataki noodles and I don't get along, though, and I actually have to try to make leftovers for my husband (he would waste away if there wasn't something ready to eat in the fridge). I don't tend to eat "too much" of things, anyhow. I think for me the key is to cook things that are healthy and reasonable, and not full of unhealthy refined carbs. I also bought a scale for the first time in my adult life, because I don't tend to notice when I put on weight. Hopefully that will help, too.

  6. No one mentioned it, but the top pic of food looks unusually great. The Polenta looks so creamy and Chickpeas with Pesto is a great idea.
    I like the one Chickpea that rolled off on its own.

  7. Ha! Shen, you are hilarious. I only noticed that one chickpea way after the fact. Don't worry, he didn't get away!

    And thanks for the food props. It's a good, easy recipe.

  8. ha, you and zoa are so funny. i think it's probably good that i never developed a taste for alcohol. sometimes i say to my husband after a hard day that maybe I should start drinking.