Thursday, October 6, 2011

Kale: It's what's for breakfast

I wanted to share with you two breakfasts that only a vegan could love. First up, savory oatmeal.  I don't have much of a sweet tooth, so I like to have a savory option but cooking up a tofu scramble is not practical on a workday. Hence, savory oatmeal = oats, nooch, salt, nutmeg, kale, and chickpeas. Believe me, it is actually pretty delicious.

This is a variation from a VegWeb recipe. It's kale dressed with mashed avocado, flax seed oil, Bragg's, and nooch.  Added chickpeas for protein and sriracha for noms.  
Can you tell we have a lot of kale in our garden? I love it!!!

Finally, this is the roasted broccoli + chickpeas + garlic recipe from Appetite for Reduction, served atop the caulipots (mashed potatoes and cauliflower, also from AFR).  I recommend this cookbook highly. Everything I have made from it is great, except for the Mac and Trees recipe which is heinous and will make you want to resume eating hamburgers (But don't. Really.).


  1. I'm all for savory breakfasts! That looks awesome. I often eat beans and the like in the morning...never tried it with oats though, must do that soon.

    It's great you've got a good kale harvest; cabbage worms ate most of mine.

    So, tell us more about the Mac and Trees...I don't have that book...just curious about something that heinous. :)

  2. You are so right that only vegans would enjoy that. Just today my brother looked over at me with the weirdest look on his face and asked, WHAT are you EATING? It was just avocado on a bagel. I'd like to see his face if I had this for breakfast ;)

  3. Hey Rose, thanks for coming by. The mac and trees.....well, I've read online comments from others who like it but I have tried it 2x now (in case the first time was user-error; I never measure things) and DETESTED it both times. The end product was just this hillock of yellow slop. It's a nooch-y sauce with broccoli on rice pasta. I think part of why I hate it is the rice pasta. Maybe I just need to find a better brand, or maybe mac and cheeze was just meant to be made using pasta from refined white flour, dammit!!! But I hate the sauce, too. It has broth in it instead of a plant milk. I guess I would just rather not have mac-and-cheeze that often, but when I do have it, have an unhealthy version.

    Wow, I really have strong opinions about this issue, don't I?!

    Carissa, you should push the envelope! See how many rude comments you can get!!

  4. You don't like rice pasta? Have you tried Tinkyada brand? That's what we get. It's a little firmer, and you just can't overcook rice pasta.

    I have yet to try savory oatmeal. I'm sort of fighting it...but I want to. I will try to try it sometime this month.

  5. Tofu Scramble seems less laborious than the Oatmeal or the Salad.

    Sorry you didn't like the Mac & Trees. Looks fine from where I'm sitting.

  6. I too am really consistently impressed with Appetite for Reduction. There's a strong air throughout the book that it isn't a subject all that close to Isa's heart, but nevertheless, I have to say that for accessibility and pure deliciousness, it's my favorite of all of hers (I also own, cook from, and enjoy Vegan with a Vengeance, Veganomicon and Vegan Brunch). In fact, tonight for like the 100th time, I had the polenta with broccoli, one of my favorites. Caulipots are good, too! Never tried the Mac and trees, though (now maybe I won't).

    Did you make up the savory oatmeal? How did you ever think of it? In a weird outlandish way it is probably a recipe of genius. Oatmeal with...nooch? Hoo, this will be my vegan version of Green Eggs and Ham. Must try...maybe tomorrow morning, since I sure have all the ingredients. Did you cook it in the microwave, or stovetop?

  7. Oh Jenny, I beg to differ WRT the brown rice pasta cooking time thing. The package said the same thing (i.e., "dear customer, you cannot overcook this") and I got careless, which undoubtedly contributed to the recipe failure. Tried a different kind of brown rice pasta 2nd time and STILL hated it. So while I am trying to stay open-minded about it, I may stick with the ol' fashioned kind but only eat it on rare occasions.

    Shen, the oatmeal is truly easy--it all cooks in one bowl so no pan to clean up. I *hate* doing dishes w/ every particle of my being.

    Zoa, I have all those same cookbooks, and ARF is also my favorite. I also agree with you that polenta w/ broc is awesome! If you try the mac & trees ever, do post on it. Maybe you can make it work. I guess I did invent the oatmeal, although its probably lack of widespread appeal makes me embarrassed to admit it! Before I gave up dairy, I used to love to eat oatmeal w/ parmesan or other cheese, so nooch + oatmeal seemed like a no-brainer. I added the kale and chickpeas to make it healthier. I just pile everything in a big bowl and microwave for several minutes (which is why it really is easy). The kale steams up nicely. If you try it, let me know if you like it.

  8. I thought it was probably a microwave recipe. All the better! I buy a mixed-rice blend at the oriental store, which I mainly use as rice, but its intended purposes is as part of a savory stew, and a lot of these mixes contain oatmeal (as well as stuff like barley, whole wheat, brown, red, green, and black rice, and various kinds of split lentils and beans), and what you're supposed to do with them is make them into a savory stew with meat...I've not yet tried a vegan version of this, but it's kind of a similar concept to what you've done. Yes, for sure, someday soon I'm going to try both!

  9. I do love Kale but I have to admit I have never had it for breakfast!! LOL Actually, does having it in a smoothie count?? :)