Sunday, October 2, 2011

Red or green?

I wish I had signed up for vegan mofo but I missed the boat. Perhaps I will "shadow" the event independently. Anyhoo, tonight's offering was a bean and squash burrito with homemade everything, including tortillas, and red and green chile sauces.  If you ever go to the Land of Enchantment (the Very Great State of New Mexico) and order some New Mexican food, you may be asked "Red or green?" meaning do you want green chile or red? I love both, and you can answer "Xmas!!!" if you are like me, and get both!  FYI, northern New Mexico is remarkably vegan-friendly.

PS you can see a cat hair in this plate if you look closely.


  1. There was a cut-off for joining Vegn MoFo? That doesn't seem right. Vegans should be able to join up until the 31st! Who's in charge of it? Because whoever they are should be fired.

    PS I can see all the cat hairs I want here at home. Oftentimes, I have to work to pull them out of my eyes and mouth. That's how many cat hairs I have.

  2. Homemade everything! Sounds awesome! I've never made my own tortillas, very cool. I'd love to see the inside of those.

    I think I'd get both red and green too.

    Thanks for the pic comment on my blog! I don't have a lot of photos of myself...don't like them. I think this particular one makes me look like Drooper from the Banana Splits. :D

  3. Even homemade tortillas? Impressive. I think you make a good choice, going with red and green. Cat hairs are the only reason I don't have a cat. I can't deal. My great aunt who I think I greatly take after ended up getting taken from her home for having so many I'll probably have them one day, anyway.

  4. What a lovely mess. You...sigh...made your own tortillas. I bet they're corn tortillas, too! Now that process is something I'd like to see you blog.

    Oh, Jenny, cat hairs are kind of like tofu--they just take on the flavour of whatever they're eaten with. I just wish they'd do that on my clothes as well as on my plate.

  5. Shen, you're right. I'm gonna have someone's JOB for this outrage!!!! WRT the cat hairs, it's surprising more of my pics don't have obvious cat hairs. I've eaten so many that it is also surprising that I don't cough up hairballs.

    Thanks, Rose. I had to google Drooper--no resemblance!!!

    Thanks Jenny!! You should get a cat--they are wonderful critters and well worth the hair, esp if you've got Crazy Cat Lady in your blood anyhow. Embrace it!

    Zoa, I may actually rename this blog "Lovely Mess" or maybe "Tasty Mess." I'm not even kidding. And I will do a corn "tortorial." See whut I did there!?!