Sunday, October 23, 2011

Bean bucket and nut cheeze (least appetizing blog post title ever)

I had to laugh at how horrible these lentils looked in this old bucket that my tofu comes in.  I'm passin' the laffs on to you!
Actually, these tasted great and were kind of an experiment inspired by this new cookbook I bought: the Vegan Slow Cooker. I haven't actually made anything out of the book (yet) but the Indian recipes sounded so good that I was inspired to throw a bunch of things (lentils, pintos, potatoes, onion, garlic, tomato sauce, and a dal mahkani spice blend I bought) into my slow cooker one day before heading off to work. Came home to deliciousness.  I also made a pumpkin curry but forgot to take a picture of it.  Anyhow, I am hoping to try an actual recipe from this book soon and will share it when I do so.

Nut "cheeze" update: in my last post I grappled with my overwhelming agita stemming from needing to take a dip/spread to an omni gathering.  I ended up taking this red pepper cheeze and it was enjoyed by all (despite my husband giving it to the host and announcing "Hey everyone, it's a vegan nut spread!" People still ate it). Next I want to make a version using beer. 


  1. The title post is hilarious :) I made that pub cheese as well - it went quickly, and it was just me eating it! I'm glad yr guests enjoyed it too.

  2. I'm glad your spread went over well! It looks very nice and pretty. Your bucket-o-beans do not look pretty. It reminds me of how my son always likes to take pictures of his food because that's what I do.

  3. I've always wanted to come home to deliciousness. It's my dream.

  4. Hey you guys, thanks for coming by.
    FF, we finished off the leftovers toot sweet!
    Jenny, I know, the beans look wretched. My food photography blows anyhow so I thought I'd just embrace it.
    Shen, do you ever crockpot? I don't actually like to leave it on unattended but if Mr Stacy is home to put out any fires, it does the trick as far as deliciousness is concerned.

  5. I've tried Crockpotting a few times. Didn't work out that well for me. Kinda like Smoothies.

  6. I cook pretty much all my dried beans in the crockpot these days (I changed the label on mine to read "crackpot" instead--it's more suitable for me), but other than that, I haven't tended to use it that much. I'm hoping that'll change.

    I think smoothies are overrated.

  7. I was just kidding about the picture. And I don't think your photography is bad, just for the record. And if it seems weird that I'm commenting on this, then commenting on your other posts later, it's because I have to leave to take my daughter to preschool.