Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Belated Thanksgiving Post

Our internerds is still not working properly (it took me 7 minutes to upload this stupid photo of our Thanksgiving dinner). I don't understand what kind of problem makes the connection sometimes almost normal, and sometimes ridiculously slow.  It's like we have a clog in our internet pipe or something.  Supposedly a crew is going to do something to the outside line today that will fix it.

Anyhow, this is what we had for (Canadian) Thanksgiving. It still feels really weird to me to celebrate Thanksgiving before Halloween (!!!) so I didn't pull out all the stops or anything.  We had caulipots and chickpea gravy (from Appetite for Reduction), roasted Brussels sprouts, and a lentil loaf based on this non-recipe: Magical Loaf Studio.  I topped it with a catsup/maple syrup glaze, and it was pretty delicious.
Too bad that blogger (the Vegan Lunch Box blogger, that is) isn't vegan anymore.  That always makes me sad, like when I find a bunch of used vegan cookbooks at the thrift store (which is fun for me, but it always makes me think someone hung up their vegan hat).


  1. Looks delish, Stacy! I've never tried one of these magical loaves, though they always tempt me. Lentil would be my choice, too.

    I didn't know that about Jennifer McCann. Way to write a nice elegaic paragraph, though!

  2. Very nice looking plate of food. The 'shovelling in' kind.

    I've made two different magical loaves. The first one was good, the second one was not.

    I didn't know Vegan Lunch Box wasn't vegan anymore either. Bummer.

    Hope your connection gets fixed.

  3. At least she said she'd continue with vegan posts, didn't she? Being vegan is so much cooler, too bad for her. I like the idea of chickpea gravy; might add that to our American Thanksgiving celebration.

  4. That gravy looks really interesting. I've yet to have much success with that.

    Well, if you ever see vegan cookbooks from me in a used bookstore - it's just because I got tired of them! (I have a few that just aren't my thing...)

  5. Thanks for stopping by, lady friends!
    Shen, we shoveled that food right into our food holes, I tell ya.
    Jenny and Jessica, the gravy's pretty good, considering it's relatively healthy.
    Jessica, I should not be so pessimistic. Actually I should get rid of some of my cookbooks. Esp The Kind Diet. Boo!