Saturday, November 12, 2011

World's Best Mustard?

I sometimes go to this expensive "gourmet" type store in town to stock up on tomato paste in the tube, fancy salts and olive oils, etc., and was mesmerized by this hefty crock o' mustard.  The salesperson said, no kidding, "This is the world's best mustard." So of course I HAD to buy it. 
It came with this thick, red seal on top.  After scattering a brazilion little wax shards across my kitchen trying to hack the seal off with a butterknife, I conceded defeat and had to actually go look up the company's website to figure out how to open *the world's best mustard.* Here it is, with a bean burger:
After all the hyperbole and the struggle to get it open, I guess I was bound to be slightly disappointed. It's pretty good, but not the end of the world or anything. Then again, no one called it "World-ending mustard."

Tonight we had some roasted squash, baked tofu, and rice.  Nothing fancy.  Deborah Madison (in her book Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone) suggests throwing freshly minced garlic and parsley on roasted squash, right after you take it out of the oven.  It's delicious!
In unrelated noms, have you tried this tahini dip?  It really is pretty fabulous. I highly recommend the addition of liquid smoke.  I made a small jar's worth the first time I tried the recipe, and upgraded to half a quart next time!


  1. I'm big on mustard too but if we're talking red-wax coated impossible things to get into, I'd probably spend the money on whiskey ;)
    It looks nice and grainy, though. That's always fun. The squash looks great too.

  2. Well, that is one impressive label, for sure. I always think it's worth trying these things at least once, just to reassure yourself that you're not missing anything (or perhaps in my case, to set me fretting that I have no palate at all and might as well be eating cornstarch and yellow food coloring).

  3. That tahini dip sounds good, I think I've seen it on her site before. The must does look pretty high maintenance. I LOVE mustard though!

  4. I love mustards...always fun to try new stuff, especially condiments..."best in the world" is sort of a tall order though. We're on the same wavelength foodwise; I made roasted squash and tofu skewers for a potluck I went to the idea of adding garlic in at the end. I'm definitely going to check out that tahini sauce too.

  5. Did you buy any swampland in Florida to go with that Mustard?

    Actually, I enjoy collecting different Mustards myself. It's not the most exciting hobby.

  6. I really do love mustard. I will try the tahini sauce. How do you keep/store a quart of it? How long is it good for?

  7. I'll have to try fresh minced garlic and parsley on my roasted squash the next time...sounds so good!
    Yum! The tahini dip sounds great. I will have to try that as soon as I get more tahini!

  8. Howdy folks!
    Maud, you're right: next time it's French's + single malt :). Thanks for the food props!
    Zoa, ha! I can relate. I'm not sure I'd pass too many blind taste tests.
    Carissa and Rose, you should try that dip FOR SURE. I can eat it straight, actually, which is kind of disgusting.
    Rose, being on your food wavelength is high praise :).
    Shen, my other hobbies include sleeping and cat photography!
    Jenny, I am one of those creeps who probably keeps food way too long. As long as it's not obviously bad, I will try to eat it. Having said that, it's been in the fridge for 4 days and is still in primo condition, in my opinion.
    Michelle, evidently the fancy name for minced garlic + parsley is "persillade." Who knew?!?!

  9. that is one fancy looking mustard. thanks for the link to the tahini dip -- looks good!