Tuesday, November 15, 2011


More goodness inspired by Mr Jamie Oliver. One of his books has a recipe for raw beet + feta + parsley + horseradish! When I saw this awesome horseradish for sale at our farmer's market, I snatched it up and the rest is (really boring in the grand scheme of things, but quite tasty all the same) history. The "feta" in this case is whatever tofu feta version you like. Mine was cubed feta marinated for several days in miso, nooch, olive oil, oregano, dried red pepper, and apple cider vinegar. We have a lot of beets in our garden that need to get et. 

 This was really good. Plus beets still look gorgeous, even with my bad camera and poor lighting. Now I just gotta figure out what to do with all the rest of that horseradish--I welcome any suggestions.
PS I made corn tortillas tonight and took a lot of pics for a "tortorial" of sorts. Stay tuned. Or not, actually; I wouldn't blame you. 


  1. Your garden is really producing!! Well done. I love beets and horseradish together. I often buy Bubbies brand prepared horseradish with beets. This salad just looks so vibrant and I'm sure tastes amazing.

    I like to add horseradish to mashed potatoes sometimes. Also, if you're in an unconventional mood...it's tasty in hummus. I like my hummus pretty traditional, but horseradish is on add in that I actually like once in a while...maybe I'm just a weirdo. It's also great in soups, stews...and sometimes I just have to make a meal that I can use cocktail sauce with...ketchup, lemon juice and horseradish.

    Let us know what you end up making with it! :)

    Looking forward to the tortorial, lol! I've never made my own tortillas.

  2. Horseradish hummus is great. Or in bloody marys! Or just keep making this beet dish, sounds great.

  3. Rose, thanks for the compliments, and the menu suggestions! If you check back in, let me know what you use cocktail sauce with these days. I guess I could buy some of those crazy fake shrimps, but other than that, I'm at a loss!

    Oh, Maud. Bloody Marys are a brilliant idea!!!!!

  4. Aren't beets beautiful! What a gorgeous dish, and I'll bet it was delicious. Vegans should just take over Jamie Oliver, in my opinion. And wow, I love the horseradish suggestions from the other commenters--there are also plenty of salad dressing recipes that use it as an ingredient--it's great on warm beans. In fact, beet, bean and horseradish would be a great mix.

  5. Sometimes, I'll just make tofu "scallops" and rice pilaf...marinate tofu, then bread it and either bake or fry it...goes well with cocktail sauce, or at least it does for me. :)

  6. Wow! Two comments from Rose! You are special.

    I still haven't learned to appreciate Beets, so your dish is lost on me. However, I do enjoy mixing Horseradish with Vegenaisse on occasion for a different Chickpea Cutlet sauce.

    Clown man/humpty dumpty dude is going to be clattering down my upstairs hallway towards my bedroom tonight around 2pm.

  7. Zoa, those are great suggestions (food-wise and taking over Jamie Oliver, although I might prefer Jacques Pepin).

    Rose, that sounds fabulous. I'm going to go search your blog for tofu scallops.

    Shen, I know, I am special. People have said so ever since kindergarten :).

  8. Horseradish for that extra kick makes my taste buds jump for joy! Great recipe!
    Hey Rose I didn't know that Bubbies (my go to pickle supplier) made horseradish with beets. Whoa. Yep horse radish in mashers.

  9. So many votes for horseradish in taters: it's gonna happen, people!!!
    THanks for reading, GiGi!!

  10. You are very welcome. Taters get the mahority vote!

  11. I know immediately that my 11 year old would wolf down a bowl of beets and tofu so fast there would be none left for the rest of us. And man, am I behind on your posts or what. Sorry! We had some extracurricular busy-ness going on around here lately.

  12. Jenny, I'm so impressed that your child loves beets and tofu!
    BTW, I love your comments, but I know people get busy, so please don't feel like you *have* to check in. I've had the feeling myself--it's part of what led me to kill my blog last year. So only comment if you want to/have the time/etc etc! I know you are out there either way :).