Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Miscellaneous grub part II: Electric boogaloo

I am a bit reluctant to post this photo because it looks like total ass compared to Rose's beautiful chowder, which was the basis for its inspiration. Having said that, Rose is 25% of this blog's readership, and she already knows this is tasty, so how much harm can a fugly photo of this recipe do?  I made a few changes out of love of booze/laziness/lack of ingredients.  First, I fried up some tempeh bacon then deglazed the pot in a buttload of white wine. I could only get trumpet and crimini mushrooms, so I augmented those with some dried shiitakes.  I think they imparted a nice smokiness.  Also, I didn't smoke the shrooms so I added some liquid smoke.  Finally, I added peas 'cause I like peas.  And I don't chop very finely OR peel anything. 

This is just here because it was delicious. That is all.

This. What can I say about this horror?

Do I need to tell you that it is not real chicken? It is in fact fake vegan chicken I bought from our local Asian superstore.  Could someone please tell the genius who extruded the soy protein into the chicken-shaped mold that no one EVER ate chicken because of the goose-pimply plucked appearance? They needn't have bothered! I only bought this because this company made a shiitake fake chicken product that I loved. Either the store isn't selling it anymore or the company isn't making it. Either way, after MUCH deliberation, I bought this.
I ended up shredding it (hope the artiste who lovingly sculpted the chicken shape mold it came in can forgive me) and serving it in Bryanna Clark Grogan's fried rice recipe from Authentic Chinese Cooking. Damn I love that cookbook.


  1. That chicken will give me nightmares!! I've seen vegan duck that had the same pimply texture and people swear by it but it freaks me out. It acutally looks like one of those rubber chickens. Hope it was tasty, though.

  2. Adding white wine to the chowder is inspired, I'm definitely starting off with that next time. The chowder looks nice and hearty. I thought mine looked too liquidy, yours gives a better idea of how chunky it can be.

    The pizza looks the business! And, as for the chicken thing...I've seen those advertised in the back of veggie magazines. Your observation is very astute! So, does it taste as good as the other fake chickn' product?

    I love that cookbook's the only one I actually follow recipes from to the 't'...I know I say that every time someone mentions it on their blog, but hey, it's true. :)

  3. Your chowder looks fantastic! I was thinking about Rose's chowder last night.

    Your pizza looks great as well....we love pizza at my house. Actually, I think that's on our menu for supper tonight.

    Oh my....that chicken is creepy looking. I thought the exact same thing that FF said about it looking like one of those rubber chickens. That's what I thought it was at first. :o)

  4. Your chowder actually looks really awesome! Rose is the pro though at making pretty food. I have a hard time with food presentation too :)

    That fried rice looks oh so good as well. The chicken is creepy! Interesting idea though. I always consider making a turkey shaped thanksgiving mock turkey but then always come to the conclusion, by why do I need to do that?

  5. Am I the only one that sees a face next to the faux plucked chicken? I swear! There's a face there!

  6. We must shop at the same stores--I've seen that chicken as well but never had the courage to try it. But now that I've given the "shrimp" a successful try, apart from the admittedly very offputting shape I'm intrigued. What was it like?

    I've also now got all the ingredients for Rose's chowder, and *of course* I love your idea about the wine deglaze. And your pizza looks divine. I've been craving pizza too and as soon as I clear some room for it in my fridge, I'm going to make up a batch of Bryanna's no-knead dough that keeps for 2 weeks. Instant pizza, yay!

  7. Hey, y'all! The creepy-looking chicken actually turned out to be pretty tasty! Plus once it was shredded up, it looked a million times better. I'll probably buy it again.

    Maud, ha! You're right--it does kind of look like a rubber chicken. At least they didn't include a head and legs/feet.

    Michelle, you should try the chowder. It really is the bomb.

    Rose, I'm so glad you posted that recipe! I will definitely make this again--the hubby and I both loved it. WRT the consistency, my husband always teases me about how every soup I make turns into a stew. I really can't seem to nail the texture. Too many Chunky Soup commercials watched during my childhood formative years, no doubt ("the soup that eats like a meal" etc etc).

    Thank you, Carissa! My food usually tastes good, but looks-wise is a bit hit-or-miss. I will also blame my crummy camera and dark kitchen.

    Shen, I included it just for you. Seriously.

    Zoa, give it a shot, I think you might like the fake chicken. Just shred that mess up and it looks pretty much like Gardein or whatever. I may need to give the shrimp a go myself. I too LOVE to make dough ahead of time, then a few days later come home and have Instapizza!

  8. My kids, incidentally, are jumping up and down saying they want to buy the fake chicken. I hope that doesn't mean they're dying to eat meat. I think they just think it's funny. I think your chowder looks really nicely done. And so does your pizza crust.

  9. Ha, that fake chicken does kind of look like a questionable children's toy. Rubbery, huh? Thanks for the props, and thanks also for commenting on my older posts!