Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Recent meals

I had this post half-written, and did something to make it disappear entirely. Boo! How does that happen, so I can avoid having it happen again?
Anyhow, I made this based on Zoa's veganized recipe for greens pie by Jamie Oliver.  So aesthetically pleasing, right?!? You could totally serve this to actual human beings.

I mostly followed the recipe, but added tofu feta, nutmeg to the tofu omelette, and copious amounts of tomato sauce (I definitely recommend the nutmeg + sauce; the feta was not so noticeable). It was so, so good!! Thank you, Zoa!!!

Sorry for the lack of crappy knickknacks in this post,  but you can see our fugly thrifted wine goblets and my book from the "A Song of Fire and Ice" series (by George RR Martin) in the background. Anyone else reading these?

Now, as for this.....you should make it right now! Why are you still reading this blog?!?!  Well, leave a comment before you go.  Brussels sprouts, apples, garlic, pinons, maple syrup....so, so tasty. 

Really, this was so good. I put sriracha on mine and loved it maybe even more than without. Major thumbs up. It looks so humble here, but it really was incredibly delicious. 


  1. Wow, these both look amazing! I've always been intimidated by phyllo dough, but it looks almost possible in these photos. Almost. :)

    You're probably on to something with the combination of sweet, tart, salty, spicy - all rolled into one plate.

  2. I don't even like brussel sprouts and that looks great! The pie sounds wonderful, too. It looks perfectly flaky. :)

  3. Brussels sprouts and apple sounds amazing. I don't always like my vegetables too sweet so the maple syrup can be iffy but I bet sriracha was a great counterpoint there. I have yet to buy brussels this season, if you can believe it, but that should be remedied.

  4. Mmm, I'm inspired and hungry now. The filo pie is very beautiful. I really want to make some soon...maybe for a special holiday meal this month.

    I believe you when you say the brussel's sprouts dish is delicious. I love all those ingredients!

  5. Sometimes the most humble looking food is the most delicious. These foods seem way delicious to me. That totally sucks when Blogger does that, keep hitting the save button and hope and pray to the computer powers that be that it doesn't happen again.

  6. I've never used phyllo, but that's about to change. That's some seriously good looking pie!
    And, those brussels look so tasty! I love brussels, so I'll have to try this.

  7. Flakin Flakes O Flakiness!!

    I've never attempted Phyllo either. I'm not sure what I think would happen if I tried it, but I assume it would be disastrous. You must've gotten out the mini-vac to suck up all the crumblies before photographing the pie.

  8. You and Zoa both did an amazing job. Very, very impressive! The brussels sprouts look good with the apples.

  9. Hi, ladies!

    Ingrid, if I can use phyllo, anyone can. I think as long as you're not ultra-perfectionistic about it, it's pretty forgiving. And that pie does not call for precision.

    Thanks, Molly!

    Maud, the maple syrup was pretty subtle, but you could probably eliminate it entirely if you were so inclined.

    Rose, just based on what I see on your blog, I think you would like these dishes.

    GiGi, I am all about humble. Me =/= fancy :)!!!! I do need to be more careful about saving my work!

    Michelle and Shen, ye need not be intimidated by phyllo (if you are--I shouldn't assume that's why you haven't tried it). I am a total klutz but have used it successfully on several occasions now. Not horribly crumbly either, actually. Once it soaks up some olive oil, it's beaten into submission :).

    Thanks, Jenny! "Be more like Zoa" is my motto :).

  10. I missed this post somehow! So glad you tried this, and yes, nutmeg, mmmm!! The recipe is infinitely variable--my head spins with the potentialities of it. After I made mine I went out and bought a whole freezer full of phyllo. Yours looks lovely, and that brussels sprout/apple thing I'm totally going to try.