Sunday, September 18, 2011

Mexican nite!

I made stuffed chile rellenos the other night and they were fab.

But the thing I really want to talk about is the rice. I love Spanish-style rice. Noms. I used to buy a packaged brand but when I went vegan, I had to give it up because it had whey in it or something. Boo.  Anyhow, it is just as well, because why buy an expensive product full of crap when you can make your own?!?! I made mine in a rice cooker.
Here are rough guidelines, if you are interested:
Combine 1.5 cups of brown basmati rice with 3 cups vegan broth (I have tried many kinds and they've all tasted about the same. Or you could just use water + salt), 3 tbs tomato paste, 2 tbs olive oil, a very small (or .5 medium) chopped up bell pepper, a very small (or .5 medium) chopped up onion, and nutritional yeast to taste.  Cook until the rice is done and add salt if needed (I eat too much salt probably but my blood pressure is fine and I love it so).  That's it!


  1. My mom loves those rice mixes, and a time or two she has made them for my kids. Then I'm reading the ingredients, like, "Mom! Did you not even look at the ingredients?" And she's all, "Well, it's just rice; I didn't think there would be anything in it." This looks like a good recipe to try.

  2. Hey Jenny, thanks for stopping by. I'm pretty pleased with this approach, even though I'm pretty sure no actual Spaniards make rice like this (with nooch!). Sometimes you don't want authentic, though. It tasted a lot like the packaged kind, but without the additives, etc. Let me know if you try it out.

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  4. yum! i'll have to make this one. sounds much tastier than plain old brown rice.