Sunday, September 25, 2011

Couple of noms.....

These are a couple of horribly photographed but tasty meals recently enjoyed here at Casa del Stacy.

First up, mashed sweet potatoes, garlicky greens, and black-eyed peas:
This dish was based on one in Jae Steele's cookbook, Ripe From Around Here.  This is an awesome cookbook, if you don't have it, focusing on seasonal, whole vegan foods. The photo is a bit misleading because the best way to enjoy this is by having a little bit of all three dishes together in every bite! The sweet potatoes are just mashed with maple syrup and cinnamon, the greens are sauteed in garlic and olive oil, and the black-eyed peas I made "my way" with tomato sauce, chipotle peppers, parsley, and celery.
Next up, the portobello/pepper "steak" stew from Appetite for Reduction:

This photo truly is ghastly, sorry! It makes this look like dog food, but man oh man, do I love this recipe. I absolutely HATE winter but the only good thing about it is that it's stew time.  Especially this stew. That is a big hunk of delicious bread on the left, BTW.  I basically followed the book's recipe but added cabbage because everything is better with cabbage in it, IMHO.  You could probably make a more seasonal version of this in the winter by subbing other veggies (e.g., carrots, potatoes) in for the bell peppers.

Noms, and noms. Nomulent. No, that is not a real word.

Edit: Re-reading this post, I feel like I should clarify: even though I live in Canada, no, it is not in the least bit wintery here yet. It's actually still really warm and beautiful far. However, I know winter is coming and I am dreading it already. Thinking ahead about tasty vittles is the only way I can calm myself down.


  1. I usually mix my foods when I take bites, anyway. I know no other way. Nomulent will probably be a word one day.

  2. I love the Southern-inspried combo, certainly does sound nomulent. And, I'm definitely going to check into that stew, sounds perfect for an autumn evening...especially with that nice big piece of crusty bread.

  3. Oh, I make a dish almost exactly like that first one! When I post it, who knows when, it'll look eerily similar. So glad to see you back online! Shorty can keep on burning now.

  4. I have still yet to try black eyed peas.

  5. Thanks, Ladies! Jenny and Rose, let's make "nomulent" happen!

  6. I am a huge black eyed peas fan - I'll have to try them your way. Those chipotles sound great, I typically put in a little liquid smoke but man ... love it!