Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Odds and Ends and DIY

We've been having a lot of roasted butternut squash 'round these parts lately, and one of them was a MONSTER! Size-wise, that is.  I roasted it up with a lot of herbs, olive oil, red pepper, onions, and a little brown sugar and served it atop a salad. All classy-like.  Pizza on the side w/ Tofurky sausage (accept no substitutes).

There was a lot of roasted squash left over, so I pureed it up into some soup.  Tasty!

As far as DIY is concerned, I made kimchi following Renae's recipe. This is maybe the 4th time I've made it, and it never fails to please.  It's definitely as good as store-bought, even better because it's fish-free!! That missing top quarter is missing because I ate it. Straight. Noms. 

Finally, do you guys make your own sprouts in a jar? Probably everyone knew about this but me, but I started doing this a couple of years ago and it's great. Indoor winter gardening + cheap sprouts = hooray!!! They do kind of look like, well something else.  


  1. i used to do sprouts in a jar but haven't in years. it's kind of fun! especially when they look like something else....:o lol

    are those potatoes on the plate next to the soup? whatever it is looks really good!

  2. Where to start - I love so many things included! Salad and pizza should always go together, that was a great call! How is the Tofurkey sausage? I've yet to try any vegan sausages, so I might be missing out.

    I heart butternut squash.

    Homemade kimchi?! I'm so jealous!!

  3. The salad and pizza looks like an awesome meal...so does the soup! I'm impressed with the homemade kimchi...I have much trepidation around kimchi in general...something I just have to get over. I have a jar of it in the fridge, which I haven't been able to open because the lid's on too tight. I must find some courage and dig it out.

    Sprouting is fun, and those little sprouts are so healthy too!

  4. my last butternut squash was a big bummer, but once I'm over the cleanse, I'm back at it!
    I made kimchee once but it doesn't sound as great as that recipe! I totally eat it straight too.
    Aaaand I've been thinking of sprouting again. I've tried to sprout chickpeas and that was a big, moldy disaster. YrS look great! (and spermy)

  5. I like making kimchi, but Renae's recipe (and that particular post) is something else. Squash, mmmmmmm....and those are some great-looking crispy potatoes. I used to sprout stuff all the time, but could never manage to eat my sprouts before they got sort of gnarly and depressingly unpleasant-looking. Yours are at the peak of perfection right now, BUT can you eat them all within the next 10 hours or so? How will you use them?

  6. Is this invasion of the blogspot commenters? I see commenter but don't see any comments? Okay, well, pretending like everything is normal I'll just say, 'Yes, I have sprouted on occasion. Good stuff. Highly recommend.'

  7. Hey Molly, yes those are some herb-roasted taters. They were quite good! I love me some taters.

    Thanks, Ingrid! I really like all the Tofurky products. I try not to eat too much of that stuff but every so often, I cave. Don't be jealous about the kimchi--you could make some, no prob. It's really easy.

    Rose, I'm surprised! I would have predicted you'd be a fermentation queen! Okay, that sounds weird. Dig that kimchi out and make kimchi pancakes!!

    Maud, you know Mark Bittman has some raw butternut salad recipes? I've never tried them, but I sure trust his acumen. I think sprouting in the winter is safer vis-a-vis mold since it's just cooler.

    Wow, Zoa! Maybe you just sprouted too many? These have been keeping well in our fridge for about a week now. I put them on my salads, sandwiches, etc.

    I know, Shen--the comments were gone for some weird reason. I got rid of template and that fixed it. I wish I more computer-savvy :(.